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Merry Christmas Everyone!


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So proud of JLT at last night Mayoral Debate. What an amazing team, speeches, presentation and skills shown by all. A well deserved 2nd place. Superb!


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SO impressed with all our Young Speakers this evening at the Mayors Debate. Should build on its Green Belt land? Credit to their school, their teachers & parents. Superb presentations and congratulations to Winners and Runners up &


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All seven schools can be extremely proud of their pupils


Great training this evening led by our SENDCo. We’re learning a lot and now going into implementation time, in departments


It’s just arrived! Christmas is coming to RBA. Many thanks to Amwell Trees for their support.


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It’s been 2 years today since we said a heartbreaking goodbye to you. Be thinking of you, as always Mush Xx if you are struggling; speak out ⁦⁩ ⁦⁩ ⁦⁩ there are people to listen x


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Intense concentration from our SLT teams at the start of our annual conference. Valuable input from Kay Leach as always


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Aged 13-17 & in care? Looking to build your confidence & learn to live independently? Join 's Young People in Care project at Young People's Centre Thursdays 5.30-7.30 pm


Excellent indeed, well done!


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Our amazing Music Students representing with the Mayor at the Christmas Carol Concert


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Some of the have been chopping and bundling the piles of bamboo that was hacked down in summer, to be re-used for supports in spring. But more urgently, how can we make this bamboo wig-wam christmassy??!! Need to make a Christmas Carol scene!


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Thank you for the welcome, thank you for the care, encouragement and support and thank you for the great staff CPD!


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We decided to kick off yesterday’s Creating the Future conference with Elliot driving our very own Delorean into the hall, to go Back to the Future


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Wow. So impressed with the event have laid on today. It’s a Back to the Future Theme!


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‘Creating the Future’ A thoroughly enjoyable day for my first staff conference . A lot to reflect on from our guest speakers & . Congratulations to & the PDT for putting on such a great event


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Brilliant staff conference as always - the Back to the Future theme was great. Really enjoyed the keynote delivered by . What a great KIT day!


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A great KIT day for the staff conference. This years theme was Back to the Future. Well done and the PDT team who organised another amazing day. 👏


Thank you for joining us today and for sharing your research on boys, from your book, ‘Boys Don’t Try’


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If you could spare a few minutes and are aware of Walton on the Naze. Please could you help one of my students by answering the following questionnaire


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This morning we have Matt Pinkett as our keynote at our staff conference ‘Creating The Future’.


Well done to all the boys involved - keep aiming high and working hard!


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AQA GCSE Geography Support Cards - Helen Burton recently shared a set of really useful flashcards to support students studying AQA GCSE Geography. Grab a copy now:


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RT & help spread the word! get signed up to support your local hospital 🎅🏻


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So our Annual Staff Conference ‘Creating The Future’ is in . We are very excited about hearing some staff have already asked to read ‘Boys Don’t Try?’ ahead of Friday! We look forward to welcoming you to our


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Getting our hands dirty in


We will be hosting our annual Awards Evening, Wednesday 18th December. We are looking forward to celebrating the achievements of our former yr 11 & yr 13. Guest Speaker, Michael Owen, former Welsh International Rugby Union player. Please email


Well done boys; scoring in the dark too!


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This year’s first High Impact Study Group has met. Revision for GCSE has begun in November!


Today, we are obviously supporting day because children matter; we do love a cake day too! Looking forward to the duck race at lunchtime!


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Congratulations to our new Year 7 JLT!


Well done! Keep working hard


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Are you a young women aged 13-17? Would you like some support with your emotional wellbeing? Struggling with anxiety or low mood? Find out more about 's Supporting You Project in


A great turn out for our Sixth Form Open Evening, tonight . A very busy and enjoyable night. Aim high and work hard, this is your future.


We are looking forward to meeting our future Sixth Form students for our Sixth Form Open Evening 6pm - 7.30pm Year 11 students from all schools welcome. See you there!


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RBA JLT at the Armistice Event in Hoddesdon today. Fundraising and supporting our local community.


Today we take time to reflect together on Remembrance Day. leading our assembly, time to reflect on the past and present. Today we bow our heads as a sign of respect


Come along to our Sixth Form Open Evening on Tuesday 12th November, 6.00pm - 7.30 pm Join us to see what A Level & Vocational courses we have to offer. Year 11 students from all schools welcome. For more information: T: 01992 410800 Web: Twitter:


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No big deal; just a guy playing fetch with a beluga whale... 😮


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We are really looking forward to welcoming Professor Robert Winston on Tuesday to speak to some of our students and those of and

Rewards and Consequences

RBA has very high expectations of behaviour. All students are expected to aim high, work hard and be polite. Our behaviour policy establishes the way in which all members of the community are expected to behave and contribute positively to the school.

Consequences System (C1, C2 etc)

Our Consequence System is designed to support students in their learning and enjoyment of school. It is also there to support our ethos and values i.e. the way in which we expect students to treat each other and the environment.

Whilst our ethos is to reward students as often as possible there inevitably have to be clear expectations regarding behaviour. The R&C system is based on promoting learning; any type of behaviour that prevents the student or others from learning will be taken very seriously.

Our Consequences System is based on a fair set of rules that will be applied by all staff consistently. The system gives students the chance to behave. If they choose not to, they will be given a verbal warning (C1). Following the first warning, students will be given the choice of regulating their own behaviour, or they will receive anther verbal consequence (C2). If they still do not respond to this, they will receive a further consequence (C3) which will result in an after school detention for 45 minutes.

Rules of the consequence system

  • Staff will always try to build relationships with students and encourage students to choose the correct behaviour.
  • Once a consequence has been given it cannot be taken back except through consultation with the Head of Year or a member of the Leadership Team.
  • Students will be verbally told why they have received a consequence.


The following notes offer a general guide; for details please consult the Rewards and Consequences framework (see link below). Students and parents may like to know that all C3 and above sanctions are recorded on a school database.

Verbal warnings

Students who disrupt the learning of others, talk or move around when they shouldn‘t, or come to class without the necessary equipment, will get a ‘C1‘ or ‘C2‘ consequence, which earns a verbal warning.


Students who persist with poor behaviour will earn a ‘C3‘, a forty five minute detention after school. Rudeness to a member of staff, use of inappropriate language, out of bounds and some other behaviours also earn students an `instant’ C3 detention.

Parents will receive an e-mail clarifying the date of the C3. Students will bring home a letter (which they have to sign for) informing parents/carers of a C3 detention, which they will complete, in silence, from 3.00-3.45pm. Misbehaviour or failure to attend a C3 will result in a C4 internal exclusion.

Parents may contact the Head of Year or a member of the Leadership Team if they have any queries about detentions. If a detention needs to be rearranged, for example, due to a medical appointment, please contact the Behaviour Support Co-ordinator.

Removal and Internal exclusion

Two C3s in one day, serious dishonesty, graffiti, vandalism, can result in a C4, meaning removal from class. Students will then be internally excluded, in which case they will be set work in our Silent Learning Centre (SLC), where they will be supervised. Students placed in the Silent Learning Centre will also be required to attend a C3 detention at the end of their internal exclusion.

Students who sit a full day in the SLC may bring a packed lunch or can buy food from the school canteen. Students will not be allowed out of the SLC to communicate with their peers or other members of the school community during the day.

In some cases, the school operates 8-6pm internal exclusion (C6) and also 2-6pm internal exclusion (C6). This is an alternative to excluding the students from the school site. In this situation, students will spend the whole day from 8-6pm or 2-6pm in isolation where they will be supervised by a member of staff.

External Exclusion (C6)

RBA does not exclude students lightly, but fixed-term or permanent exclusion can be applied to students whose behaviour is violent, criminal, or threatening, and to students who repeatedly cross the boundaries of poor behaviour and do not respond to other consequences.

Saturday Morning detentions

The school also operates Saturday morning detentions (9-11am). This is given when students persistently arrive late to school or have truanted school at any time during the day. A Saturday morning detention can also be issued by a senior member of staff for persistent poor behaviour or extreme refusal to follow instructions.

Rewards (R1, R2 etc)

Our rewards take many forms; it is important that effort and achievement of all kinds are treated as noteworthy. Each reward is worth a certain amount of House Points.

A special award celebrated each Friday is the Headteacher‘s commendation (R2) which is presented to any student who has worked exceptionally hard during the previous week. We encourage students to take a real pride in their own achievements and to respect the achievement of others.

House Points

Good work in the classroom will be rewarded with a House Point, which will be added to the students’ planners. As students accumulate these House Points they can exchange them for Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum certificates.

Head of Department Award/RBA Hero Award

Every term, departments and Heads of year will nominate a student from each year group for the Rising Stars board, to recognise that they have consistently worked hard to improve their learning, attendance, punctuality, behaviour or attitude to learning. These students’ names and photos will be displayed on the Rising Stars board within the department.

Celebration and Prize-giving Assemblies

Celebration assemblies for each year group are held every term by the Head of Year, to recognise persistent work, effort and achievement of students. At the end of every year, for years 7-10, the school holds special Celebrating Achievement Assemblies to recognise the work of students across the whole year. Parents are invited to attend these assemblies.

There is also an annual, whole-school Awards Evening, which takes place in December. This is in place to recognise students who have completed consistently outstanding work.

Please find a link to the rewards and consequences system:


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