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Dear Parents and Carer's,Our final review for the school year is available for your viewing.Have a lovely weekend!


Pleased to “open” the defibrillator and bleed kit at ⁦⁩ -the first in the UK to be placed in a school. All thanks to ⁦⁩ for raising both awareness and funds for this much needed equipment. Also good to tour the school-guided by the JLT.


Important information with regards to the last day of term.



All set and ready for Annie, put on by this evening . It’s great to see the students’ in action!



Outstanding display of athletics from Yr7-9 students at the Nicky Morris Challenge. Yr7 and Yr8/9 teams both finishing as division winners meaning they also finished as overall winners. Well done girls!! 🏆🏆🏆🥇🥇🥇


Our Year 6 into Year 7 Parent Information Evening is a full house! Thank you to everyone for coming.


Our Head Boy voting! Getting ready for his speech as returning officer.


The Polling Station has just opened at break time ! The ballot box is bulging.


Well done to the Dance Elite Team who secured 8th place in yesterday’s grand national finals competition! The passion, energy and overall performance was outstanding💫Miss Sheldrake & Miss Kermode are beyond proud of all the hard work and dedication this team have put in🙌🏻


Thank you for a great JLT exchange today. SET working together.


Picnic on the beach


Please come and support our final event in the PA calendar. 🎭


A pleasure to welcome students and colleagues from to shadow students today. We hope you enjoy the day!


A pleasure to see student at RBA, working hard with our JLT. Student Exchange!


We are doing well and playing football Y9 vs Y10


Circle of positivity


Thank you for your hospitality! We can’t wait to see you tomorrow at RBA. Stronger together!


Rehearsal ready


An exciting opportunity has arisen for a Teaching Assistant to join our RBA family. More information on this rewarding role can be found at


RBA JLT working hard in lessons. students collaborating! ❤️


RBA JLT - Awesome start to the day with a leadership conference for the Mr Cunningham!


This week's review is available for your viewing.Have a lovely weekend!


Motivational speaker Dan Sarginson (ex England international rugby player) giving us some insights into his life and his mental health over the years at Teacher Conference Day at Thank you Dan!

Rewards and Consequences

At RBA we are committed to ensuring that all of our students achieve their very best. They are expected to aim high, work hard and be polite. We strive to create a safe and stimulating learning environment where exemplary behaviour is at the heart of productive learning. We seek to embed a culture of praise, encouragement, self-discipline and resilience in our students, and provide early intervention to prevent issues escalating. We place a heavy emphasis on positive relationships between staff and students, and endeavour to ensure we have consistency in response to both positive and negative behaviour.

Rewards 2023/24

A school ethos of encouragement and praise is central to the promotion of good behaviour and committed learning. Our rewards take many forms; it is important that effort and achievement of all kinds are treated as noteworthy. Each reward is worth a certain amount of House Points.

Exemplary effort and committed learning in the classroom or at home will be rewarded with a House Point (R1), which will be added electronically to the student’s profile on EduLink. House Points are celebrated weekly by the Head of Year and Form Tutors in assemblies. For sustained and/or outstanding effort shown in class or at home students will be awarded a Head of Department/Head of Year Award (R2) and will be recognised personally for their achievements.

A special award celebrated each Friday is the Headteacher’s Commendation (R3); nominated by staff for going ‘above and beyond’ in school or the wider community and presented by the Headteacher. Those who receive two or more Headteacher’s Commendations in half a term are issued with a Governors’ Commendation (R4) and invited to attend a reward meeting with the Governors at the end of the half term.

Every term, subject departments and Heads of Year will nominate a student from each year group for the Rising Stars board, to recognise that they have consistently worked hard to improve their learning, attendance, punctuality, behaviour or attitude to learning. These students’ names and photos will be displayed on the Rising Stars board within the department as an RBA Hero (R5).

During the year, the school holds a Celebrating Achievement Assembly (R6) and an Awards Evening (R7) to recognise academic progress and achievement, as well as contributions to the wider community. Parents are also invited to attend these assemblies.

Please take time to view the full rewards system below

RBA Rewards 2023-24

Consequences 2023/24

Our Consequences System is designed to support students in their learning and enjoyment of school. It is also there to support our ethos and values i.e. the way in which we expect students to treat each other and the environment.

Whilst our ethos is to reward students as often as possible, there inevitably have to be clear expectations regarding behaviour. The R&C system is based on promoting learning; any type of behaviour that prevents the student or others from learning will be taken very seriously.

Our Consequences System is based on a fair set of rules that will be applied by all staff consistently. The system gives students the chance to behave. If they choose not to, they will be given a verbal warning (C1). Following the first warning, students will be given the choice of regulating their own behaviour, or they will receive another verbal consequence (C2).

If students do not respond to the verbal warnings, they will receive an after-school detention (C3) lasting 45 minutes. They can also receive an automatic C3 for meeting certain threshold criteria, such as using their mobile phone on the school site. Parents will receive an e-mail notification detailing the date of the detention and reason the detention was set. Should you require further information or wish to discuss the incident, then please contact the member of staff who issued it.

Persistent or serious behaviour will result in more serious consequences such as an SLT Detention (C4), lasting 75 minutes after-school on Friday afternoon, an isolation (C4), Saturday detention (C5), fixed term internal exclusion (C6), fixed term external exclusion (C6) or permanent exclusion (C7).

Whilst all disciplinary matters are dealt with on their individual merits, we aim to be fair with consequences and would emphasise our expectations of your support.

Please take time to view the full consequences system below

RBA Consequences 2023-24



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