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Work Experience

This year students from Year 10 were given the opportunity to experience a week in the world of work! Students gained experience working in the education, retail, health and beauty, office work and much more. For some students this was the first time they experienced working outside of their comfort zone. This meant speaking to colleagues and customers, working longer hours and some even worked on the weekend!

In preparation Year 10 students completed a number of activities during form times and one of the lead days. They took part in;

  • CV writing skills
  • Personal statement skills
  • Communication skills during form discussions
  • Some student also had careers interviews with Miss Smith Head of Year 10
  • Interview practice

Overall Work Experience proved to be a massive success. Students commented on how they now felt more confident and realised they importance of their exams. Also learnt how to be more independent away from the support network of school. Some students were even told to come back when they were 16 for jobs!