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More able students

At RBA, we recognise that students need to be stretched and challenged in their academic studies.  Our students regularly achieve A and A* at GCSE and the top grades at A Levels, and our aim is for every student to realise their potential. In order to support this, we run a More Able Programme (MAP) which outlines the support students at the top end of the ability range get to ensure their academic success.

The Five Strands of our More Able Programme:

  1. Early identification of More Able students through close liaison with the primary school, the use of KS2 SATs scores and Cognitive Attainment Tests (CATs) which enable students to demonstrate their abilities in numerical, verbal and non-verbal abilities.  Students are identified in each subject so that work can be targeted for them in each department.
  2. Students are placed in sets with peers of similar ability in the core subjects (English, Maths and Science) in order for the classes to have targeted high level learning and teaching.
  3. We set highly ambitious targets for the students, encouraging and supporting them to achieve at the level of students in the top 5% nationally – students are benchmarked against those at other High Achieving Schools.
  4. A programme of extra-curricular opportunities such as master-classes, visits to top universities (such and Cambridge).
  5. A comprehensive careers information, advice and guidance package in liaison with local, national and international business links we have developed at the school.