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Careers Guidance

The school along with Youth Connections who are based at the school oversee the school’s careers education programme.  There are many issues that often crop up in interviews, such as students readying themselves for the job market, students looking at University, students considering Apprenticeships or even self-employment. Often students aren’t sure what further learning they will need to be able to do a particular career;  many students are really confused over what type of career would even suit them. These, and many other issues, form the basis of careers guidance.

As times change then so does the need to reflect and deliver important careers information in the most useable and appropriate manner and format. For many young people - and adults alike - that format is the internet.  It is accessible almost anywhere and, as long as it is suitably maintained, is pretty reliable on the whole.

The websites shown here generally fall into that category and are entirely suitable for use by, and for, young people.

Every single website shown here is free and there are no charges whatsoever.

  • this is the national site for almost all Apprenticeship applications nationwide. You will need to register an account with them (it’s free!) but then you can search and apply for apprenticeships that you fancy doing.

  • Great site for finding out where the local learning opportunities for post-16s are. Search by course, subject or even provider.  So, you could use it to find out if a particular college offered a particular A Level or BTEC, or just look for where the nearest learning provider is that does the course you want.

  • Lots of useful information, plenty of careers information, including how to choose careers by using some of the on-line inventories available.  Also points you to on-line help and call centres for careers guidance.

  • Really user-friendly site, the ‘Buzz’ test is especially fun to do and might help reinforce career planning or help you think in a different direction. Great video clips and other careers tools to help young people decide.

  • Great site for videos. Lots and lots of people talking about their careers, what brought them into it and what the job is really like.  You just choose the career area you’re thinking of and then choose who you would like to listen to;  very inspirational and, mercifully, the videos are short!

  • As it says, if you’re not thinking about University after Level 3 qualifications then take a look at this site.  Not only is it packed with advice about opportunities, but it also carries live vacancies.  Not all the vacancies or opportunities will be in your locality, so you have to decide what to do at that point.

  • This site is mostly associated with STEM opportunities and information, which include great work experience and investigative site opportunities (really boost your CV or UCAS statement).  It also now covers the ‘Year in Industry’ which is a must-visit site for Level 3 students thinking of taking a working gap year before Uni.

  • Another really good site for obtaining localised information on careers and opportunities, as well as local careers themed events, case stories and magazine type news.  The first page on the website invites you to say where you are.  After that all the news, stories and opportunities are focussed only on your geographical area.

  • Very popular site for all things Uni. Even tells you which Unis serve the cheapest beer!  Now that’s got to be worth a visit!

  • Again, really for those applying to Uni, but a really good place to go to for advice on that all-important and absolute dog of a form – the UCAS Personal Statement!

Lots of career areas have sites that belong to their industry bodies, for example, if you wanted to find out more about careers in Psychology then go to if it's Law, then go to, if it is health or medicine careers then look no further than or Teaching at, Journalism - simple, try

Whatever the career, the truth is there’s really no excuse for not being able to find out more information, providing you can access the internet and use a little bit of common sense!

Check this site out for more information on the career you may be after: