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Key Stage 3

In Key Stage 3 we aim to have a curriculum that meets the needs of all students in using mathematics in the real world.  The reasoning behind this is that if students understand the usefulness of the subjects they study they will understand the concepts better and gain a deeper knowledge.  During this time we will consolidate some of the concepts that they have previously met, whilst pushing them in the higher areas.

Key Stage 4

Our GCSE sets each follow an Edexcel syllabus.  Each student is given a textbook for use during the year.  Classwork and homework could both be set from the previous exam questions.  Seven one-hour periods are spent in mathematics lessons in each cycle (two weeks).  In addition, we pride ourselves on the help we give students beyond the classroom.

Key Stage 5

We offer a variety of A Level courses and, as with GCSE, the Edexcel examination board is used.  Our students can cover Mechanics, Statistics or Decision options, depending on other A Levels taken, and personal preference.