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Design and Technology

Key Stage 3

In Years 7, 8 and 9 students learn to use a wide range of metal working, plastic working and wood working tools.  Each student works through two projects a year, which are challenging and will leave them with an end product of which they can be proud.

The department is kept up to date with modern technologies, such as a laser cutter, vinyl cutter and 3-D printer.  These technologies are currently embedded into all projects at Key Stage 3 level.

Key Stage 4

During the GCSE course in Resistant Materials, students will get a chance to perfect their skills from Key Stage 3.  The final grade is split between a coursework unit and a final exam.  The exam is worth 40% and consists of knowledge of tools, materials, processes and designers.  The coursework element, which is worth the remaining 60%, is comprised of a folder and a practical piece.

The practical element for coursework is chosen by the student, who will design and make a product from their own ideas.

The skills with which each student will leave the GCSE course will allow them to follow a career path in both the design sector and the engineering sector.  Abilities in creative design and professional manufacturing, using hand tools and modern technologies (including CAD/CAM) are developed in all students.