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In Years 7 and 8 students master a variety of dance styles, such as Bollywood, Musical Theatre, RADS, Lindy Hop and Zumba.  Students are made aware of how to use choreographic, appreciation and performance skills as well as looking at different dance practitioners.

Years 10 and 11 BTEC dance students follow the Edexcel board and complete seven units showing and understanding a range of skills from choreographing to evaluating and creating dances for each unit.  Students complete a booklet and also have to complete an online test, as well as a solo performance which is filmed and assessed externally.

At A Level students also follow the Edexcel board.  There are 16 units for these students to complete which lead them to qualify for a BTEC level 3 qualification.  Students complete four compulsory mandatory units and 12 specialist units, set by tutors.  Students are also guided and have individual tutorials to assist them into their career paths once they leave.

Production Arts

We are delighted as a department that through the Year 10 Dance lessons we also run a BTEC Production Arts course in which students learn and work with an external practitioner learning the lighting/sound and technical aspects of Theatre.  As with the Key Stage 4 lessons the students have an online exam and complete ongoing coursework.