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Student Leadership

At the Academy we aim:

  • To offer a range of roles and responsibilities to a large number of the student population.
  • To promote active citizenship by establishing functioning democratic bodies with real influence.
  • To develop staff/student dialogue, especially around teaching and learning.
  • To deepen student engagement.
  • To contribute to whole school improvement.

The Role of the Sixth Form

The role of Sixth Form students in the life of the academy is vital if we are to continue to be a thriving and high performing school which speaks for all its students.  Students will be encouraged to contribute formally and informally in a number of ways and through a variety of democratic structures.  All roles on student leadership will be advertised and students will be allowed to apply for positions of responsibility at various stages in the academic year.  Roles within student leadership are open to all Year 12 Students

Head Students

The head students lead the Student Body. They have a pivotal role in both the house system and in the broader student voice. The head students run the Junior Leadership Team and liaise closely with the Senior Leadership Team.

This year Head Girl is Jenni Painter and Head Boy is Tom Culley