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School Lunches

Over the lunch break your child may do one of the following:

a)         Remain at school and have a school meal

b)         Remain at school and have a packed lunch in the school Dining Hall or sandwich areas

We encourage as many students as possible to buy a school lunch as the food and kitchen staff is excellent. We operate a cashless cafeteria system.  Items are priced individually and may be purchased as in any other cafeteria. Please read the details of our cashless system which we operate in the school which is in your parent pack. Details of eligibility and application forms for free school meals are also in your parent pack. Snacks/drinks are also available at break from the canteen.

No students are allowed to leave the school site at lunchtime.

Paying for school meals

The dining room operates using biometric technology.  There are readers at each till which allow students to check the balances on their account.  (Cash loaders are used to credit accounts before reaching the tills.) 

This system takes the measurements of one finger and converts these measurements into a template (a string of numbers), which is then encrypted.  The template is used to permit students and staff access to the school’s catering (and library) services by placing their finger on a scanner at the point of sale or service.

To comply with the Protection of Freedoms Act 2012, parental consent is always sought for each student before implementation and processing.

Robert Barclay Academy remains fully compliant with the Data Protection Act and with the guidance given by the Information Commissioner’s Office regarding the use of biometric data.