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Junior Leadership Team

Who are we?

We are the Junior Leadership Team.

  • We have weekly meetings to discuss how to improve and change the academy to enhance student experience.
  • We represent the school at high-profile events in the local community.
  • We promote student voice.
  • We aim to receive and act on ideas put forward by students presenting them to senior members of staff.
  • We work alongside staff in order to improve the academy environment and to help promote a positive image of the academy.
  • We support local charities including Bodbus and The Crest of a Wave.

How Can We Help?

  • We aim to act as a communication system between the students and teachers.
  • We can take the students' views forward about how we can improve the academy.
  • We will listen and consider the views of all students at Robert Barclay Academy.
  • Once we have considered the students' views we have a small pot of money that we can use to help develop the academy further.

What have we done so far this year?

Some of the great things we have had the opportunity to get involved with this year include:

Taking part in the schools Learning bus, where we had to opportunity to visit Passmores Academy in Essex to see what school was like at a large school, with lots of technology and a different type of Student Leadership Team.

Attending the Broxbourne Holocaust Memorial Service, where we performed for the Mayor and members of the Royal family, as well as local residents.

Taking part in Lowewood Museum Takeover day, where members of the JLT were trained as museum tour guides and took over the running of the museum for an entire day along with John Warner School.

Competing in the Broxbourne Mayor’s debate, where a team of JLT members delivered speeches to council members and the Mayor of the borough on the future for young people in the borough along with two other local schools

Delivering assemblies to years 7-13 on the importance of facing your fears and asking important questions.

Helping with Robert Barclay community service cleaning up Robert Barclay Park on a Saturday afternoon.

Taking on a role of responsibility in the official opening of Robert Barclay Academy, where we greeted guests and helped with readings for the event.

Assisting with the Year 6 opening evening, delivering speeches on the school and experiences of new Year 7’s