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3 Year Plan

As a new Academy, we are very clear about our plan ahead. Our ultimate plan is to raise standards of achievement for every child and be outstanding in every area. We do not underestimate that challenges involved in achieving this plan but we believe in the principle of aiming high. To support this, we have identified 5 areas for implementing this plan. These are:

1. Developing high quality teaching and learning

  • Ensuring we are recruit and retain the very best qualified teaching staff
  • Ensuring lessons are relevant, engaging and challenging for all.

2. Fair and consistent rewards and sanctions

  • Strengthening the rewards and consequences system

3. Improved systems, procedures and communication

  • Engaging with parents and carers more effectively and regularly so they can best support their child with their learning.

4Improved environment/facilities to support learning

  • Ensure all classrooms are well equipped to support high quality teaching and learning

5. Everyone to be proud of this new Academy

To develop pride in everyone by ensuring students, parents, governors and the local community take ownership and an empowered role in leading the new Academy forward.