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About the academy

We are an 11-18 non-selective academy where everyone, both staff and students, strives to be the best that they can be.

We are a happy and small school where all of our students are known and valued as individuals.  We believe every child can succeed in life, if challenged and inspired appropriately.  We therefore set challenging targets to stretch our students to achieve more than they might feel is possible.  A strong focus on an academic curriculum, supported by a range of extra-curricular activities, helps RBA students to develop as individuals with the necessary skills to be responsible and successful in adult life.

Our focus is on developing leaders of learning, and as such the characteristics and values that we aim to inculcate in our students are those of further integrity, confidence, resilience, creativity, tolerance, respect and sensitivity to the needs of others, and different cultures.

Our progress is rapidly improving and staff, students, governors and parents are all committed to the future success of our school.  With new systems in place to monitor progress and reward students, together we are committed to raising standards of achievement for all.

This website is intended to give you some important information about the school, and to reflect our new vision, ethos and expectations.  However, it cannot replace the day to day life at the school and we recommend that you come and see us in action and speak to our students and staff about our recent changes, and the impact they are having.

Visitors are always welcome here and we look forward to meeting you and showing you around.